We are so excited to share a few thoughts from our incredible donors! Their passion for IFOSuD is contagious. Once someone witnesses IFOSuD’s effectiveness, it’s hard not to jump on board!

Hear from some of our beneficiaries about how the IFOSuD has impacted them, their families, and their communities.


Graduate in Animal Husbandry

Soledad was chosen to be a beneficiary with IFOSuD in 2013. She raises goats, so she was enrolled in the agriculture program. Through the influence of IFOSuD, she became a Christian. She graduated in March 2016 with a proud smile on her face.

When Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, Soledad immediately volunteered to go to Jeremie with IFOSuD and help relief efforts there

“The way IFOSuD evangelizes is incredible. They understand the beneficiary. IFOSuD takes them from nothing and brings them up.”


Rigaurd joined IFOSuD in 2014. He graduated the two year program in 2016. Since entering the program he has become a Christian and a successful farmer of beans, plantain, and corn. His farming ability has increased and he feels he improved because the agronomists have given him techniques to do that.

Early on, people made fun of him attending IFOSuD classes, but when they saw he was graduating, they said, “Oh, he is going to graduate! I would love to be a part of that organization!”

Rigaurd demonstrated both his love for the Lord and his farming skills when he volunteered to be a part of the missionary team of graduated farmers who went Jeremie to assist those devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

 “We are going to keep our chin up. We are not going to give up. We are going to work hard, hard! Even society will say this man has done well. “


My name is Elmina Joseph. I am excited to attend the first part of the Christian education with IFOSuD. I am part of the livestock program and I am learning how to take care of my animals. I expect…I will learn more and will have more power to contribute in decision-making in my community and in my household in what concerns livestock management. Thank you!


My name is Cledanor. I am an IFOSUD beneficiary in the small business sector. I am very happy to attend the spiritual training with IFOSUD; that’s really helped me to develop my personal relationship with Jesus. Despite the criticism of people out of the program saying that I am losing my time in attending regular meetings, I do believe there is something special that will come through these Godly men! However, things have become more and more difficult; I don’t how IFOSUD will manage to help me facing with the challenges of the class opening in September. Thank you for supporting me.