After Hurricane Matthew many people were left without a roof on their home.

In the area of Paroty (near Jeremie, Haiti) IFOSuD has been working with families to help them get a roof.

In 2017 IFOSuD raised enough money to put new roofs on 53 homes in Paroty. Since then many families have still not been able to repair their roofs.

In 2019, 26 families in Moron were selected. These families have been unable to live in their home since 2016 because the roof is so damaged.

Many have been living in temporary shelters made of canvas. Some have split the family, living with relatives or in small shelters.

Since 2020, IFOSuD has been using the funds raised to hire local crews and purchasing local materials to repair 16 roofs. We are continuing with this project to complete the final roofs.

Here you can see the families and hear their stories.

The Roofing Project in Numbers


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