IFOSuD’s farm is a groundbreaking project; we have high hopes that this farm will provide an income to sustain IFOSuD’s staff and operations. It will be manned by IFOSuD beneficiaries to assist their technical training as well as IFOSuD staff. The produce will be sold to local grocers and beneficiaries at a reasonable cost to improve the economy and aid our beneficiaries as they begin their own crops.

Two major infrastructure projects were completed at the farm in 2020. A 12,000 gallon water tank was constructed and a well was drilled. Also, a fence was constructed around the perimeter of the farm. The irrigation is vital to keep crops growing all year long, including the dry seasons. The fence is also a very important feature as it defines the border and keeps free range livestock out.

The technical department of IFOSUD has decided to split the farm into several plots: plantain, pepper (chili), cucumber, black bean, papaya, and indigenous bean. 

PlantsQtyMaturity Remarks
Plantain 18001 year ( once  a year)In production
Pepper/ Chilli 45004-5 months ( up to 18 months)Already harvested and marketed 
Cucumber 1 lbs1.5-3 months Being  harvested and marketed 
Black bean88 lbs3-4 months Already harvested and marketed
Papaya 500 plants6-9 monthsIn production
Indigenous bean 10 lbs2-4 monthsAlready harvested and marketed