“For me, graduation is the good result of the training we have received from IFOSuD.”


Graduation is the climax of the IFOSuD program. It empowers the beneficiaries not only in their field of education, but also to evangelize.

After the two year discipleship and technical training is over, the beneficiaries have the opportunity to graduate. There is a strict criteria based on many things including attendance and loan repayment.

Many friends and family attend. This is a huge evangelism opportunity. The program is filled with prayer, worship, and the Gospel message. Hundreds of people hear the message of faith and repentance.

Since 2012 hundreds of our beneficiaries have graduated!

“Graduating after all we have learned is the most beautiful activity IFSOuD could do for us.”


Testimony from a Graduate

“I know the Lord is inside of me. And that is something that I will never lose. Neither will my whole family.” 

“IFOSuD is the best organization I have worked with in Haiti. No one teaches the way that they do or has the results that they do!”

Experience the four hour graduation in just 17 minutes!