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FFH is the youth program developed by IFOSuD. FFH stands for Future Farmers of Haiti. It is modeled after Future Farmers of America. The goal is to evangelize and disciple 4th-6th graders while teaching them valuable skills in business, agriculture, and leadership. 

In FFH students learn ag skills which are practiced in putting together a home garden. They are also given fruit trees that they plant and care for.  Then they learn how to market their fruit and calculate profits and expenses, to create an economy of scale.

Through the FFH meetings, the students learn leadership skills as officers are elected, responsibilities are established, and record books are implemented. 

FFH is dedicated to spiritual training.  Each meeting begins with a devotion, prayer, and worship using the Awana curriculum.  The fourth meeting each month is completely dedicated to Awana.  

We are seeing students with whole new visions and goals for their future. They are seeing the value and opportunity in agriculture,  Some are already planning their entrepreneurial future now while still in school.  All are hearing of the hope of salvation in Christ and His love for them.  The Scriptures and the ag skills are being brought home.  They are excitedly showing their families what they have learned and demonstrating these skills with their home gardens.  It is giving the whole family hope, spilling into their communities.  And as FFH is added to more schools, we can plant more seeds of hope.  We can grow a nation.