International Farmers’ Organization for a Sustainable Development (IFOSuD) is a Christian international non-profit organization based in Léogane, Haiti promoting social, entrepreneurial and sustainable development. Our mission is to alleviate the poverty of Haitian farmers and rural micro-entrepreneurs in a sustainable way in regards to the improvement of their livelihoods and food security conditions.

Our mission is to promote farmers’ association and spread the most sustainable farming methods for alleviating poverty
  • To reduce the complacent behavior and encourage the entrepreneurial culture
  • To build capacity and empower rural entrepreneurs for their self-reliance
  • To spread Biblical values while helping vulnerable people rise out of poverty.
At IFOSuD we believe that discipleship is the basic component through which social change can occur.

We believe in friendship and fellowship with others. Alone we are weak, together we are strong. As the saying goes, teaching someone to fish is better than giving him a fish every day. Poor rural and slums dwellers benefit from our ongoing projects in Farmer Field School, practicing sustainable agriculture methods and rural entrepreneur’s empowerment.

“Talking about the spiritual part: it’s another level. The way IFOSuD does the story, how I learn from it, it’s like, yeah, we are going high, we are growing…With IFOSuD I learn how I can go tell the stories of God.”

Ville, Beneficiary